Dental Strip Crown Form Pedo Crown for Kids Composite Resin Kids Primary Anterior Teeth Crowns

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Transparent Crown for Kids

Primary Anterior Teeth Crowns

24pcs/48pcs/96pcs/120pcs/box for choice

Anatomically shaped

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Dental Strip Crown Form Pedo Transparent Crown Composite Resin Dental Kids Primary Anterior Teeth Crowns


Material:Composite Resin
Used For:Upper Central Incisors/Upper Lateral Incisors

Thin interproximal walls.
Anatomically shaped construction to match natural contours.
Palmer notation on each crown tab for easy identification.
Sufficient strength for easy handling.

Instructions for use:
1. Select appropriate strip crown and trim to desired size with Unitek curved festooning scissors .
2. Trial fit the strip crown over the tooth to be restored .
3. Vent the incisal edge of the crown with an explorer .
4. Follow manufacture’s instruction for etching tooth and applying dental adhesive
5. Fill the crown with restorative material .To avoid air entrapment ,allow some restorative material to follow through the incisal vent of the form
6. Immediately place the filled strip crown on the prepared tooth ,using finger pressure to seat firmly
7. Immediately remove excess material with an explore or fine scaler.
8. Allow chemical curing composite to harden before removing the trip crown
9. After the restorative has hardened , cut the strip crown with an explorer or fine scaler and peel the crown from off the tooth

Packing list:

1 Kits Contains 12 Pcs Upper Central Incisor Crowns+12Pcs Upper Lateral Incisor Crowns
Left :
Central: A1*1pc,A2*2pcs,A3*2pcs,A4*1pc
Lateral: B1*1pc,B2*2pcs,B3*2pcs,B4*1pc
Right :
Central: A1*1pc,A2*2pcs,A3*2pcs,A4*1pc
Lateral: B1*1pc,B2*2pcs,B3*2pcs,B4*1pc

1 Kits Contains 24 Pcs Upper Central Incisor Crowns+24Pcs Upper Lateral Incisor Crowns
Left :
Central: A1*2pcs,A2*4pcs,A3*4pcs,A4*2pcs
Lateral: B1*2pcs,B2*4pcs,B3*4pcs,B4*2pcs
Right :
Central: A1*2pcs,A2*4pcs,A3*4pcs,A4*2pcs
Lateral: B1*2pcs,B2*4pcs,B3*4pcs,B4*2pcs

1 Kits Contains 48 Pcs Upper Central Incisor Crowns+48Pcs Upper Lateral Incisor Crowns
Left :
Central: A1*4pcs,A2*8pcs,A3*8pcs,A4*4pcs
Lateral: B1*4pcs,B2*8pcs,B3*8pcs,B4*4pcs
Right :
Central: A1*4pcs,A2*8pcs,A3*8pcs,A4*4pcs
Lateral: B1*4pcs,B2*8pcs,B3*8pcs,B4*4pcs

1 Kits Contains 60 Pcs Upper Central Incisor Crowns+60Pcs Upper Lateral Incisor Crowns
Left :
Central: A1*5pcs,A2*10pcs,A3*10pcs,A4*5pcs
Lateral: B1*5pcs,B2*10pcs,B3*10pcs,B4*5pcs
Right :
Central: A1*5pcs,A2*10pcs,A3*10pcs,A4*5pcs
Lateral: B1*5pcs,B2*10pcs,B3*10pcs,B4*5pcs

Product Pictures:

resin anterior kids crown-3

resin anterior kids crown-5

resin anterior kids crown-1

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1,How will you arrange shipping?

We have developed lasting cooperation with DHL,Fedex and some international cargo shipping forwarders.

They give us great support and big discount. We will recommend the most reasonable delivery way according to your order list.

2,Do you have CE for your products?

Yes,most products have CE.Our products are exported to USA and EU countries successfully.

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Dental Equipments like dental unit,X ray unit,we have one year warranty period.You can describe the problem details,

we will ask engineer to give you solution.Free spare parts can be provided if necessary.

4,Can you make certificate of origin(C/O)?

Yes,certificate of the origin is applied when the goods are sent.

5,Do you supply OEM service?

Yes,we can supply OEM service according to your request.


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