Saliva is a carrier for pathogens, and now there are many studies. During the treatment, even if there is still no discomfort, these dental caries are also a hotbed that is branched to Rirol, these special pathogens are inevitable in their daily life, and they will “spread” to the baby’s mouth. It’s really lost on the starting line. The caregiver may spread the pathogenesis in the mouth to the child by passing the way to the mouth¬† The sooner to the child, the more you pass it, the more you use it. Therefore, the caregiver should pay attention to feeding hygiene while paying attention to its own oral hygiene. Mo spreads the pathogens to infants.


The caregiver should pay attention to the following behaviors: avoid contacting the baby’s pacifier to detect the temperature of the milk bottle with the adult mouth. Don’t put the spoon in the mouth of the trial and feed the child . Avoid kissing with your baby’s mouth. Avoid feeding your baby after chewing food, or share tableware with your baby



Baby feeding equipment such as bottle must often clean and disinfected, otherwise, the baby will bring the pathogens into the body, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, may also cause “thrush”. It should be noted that the bottle that is not used within 24 hours after disinfection, still needs to be re-disinfected, so as not to breed bacteria.


Tips: The caregiver should pay attention to feeding hygiene and correct bad feeding methods.






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Post time: Aug-23-2021