• Affect your child’s life — Children’s Oral Health

    Saliva is a carrier for pathogens, and now there are many studies. During the treatment, even if there is still no discomfort, these dental caries are also a hotbed that is branched to Rirol, these special pathogens are inevitable in their daily life, and they will “spread” to the b...
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  • Sino-Dental® 2021 Exhibitor Manual & Exhibiton Forms

    BACKGROUND As the largest and most influential dental exhibition in China, Sino-Dental® has become a benchmarking dental show, which enjoys high reputation both in China and around Asia. Till 2019, it has been successfully held for 24 years. Over the past two decades, Sino-Dental has strived to i...
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  • Optical analysis of the behavior of sealants under mechanical, thermal and chemical stress

    Introduction Fixed appliances for the removal of malpositioned teeth are used in orthodontics for both adolescents and adults. Even today, difficult oral hygiene and the associated increased accumulation of plaque and food residues during therapy with multibracket appliances (MBA) represent an ad...
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  • Introducing the new generation of Intra-Oral Sensors

    Are intra oral sensors are basically the same for every clinic? Until now, we have been thinking that the intra oral sensor is just a very basic dental tool that allows us to observe patients’ lesion more closely. However, as the number of and competition amongst dentists continues to grow, we s...
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